Poems of Banjo Paterson 

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These are the poems used in the performance. 

A Ballad of Ducks * Lost The Man from Ironbark
A Mountain Station Maxims of War The Man from Snowy River *
A Dream of the Melbourne Cup Mulga Bill's Bicycle The Matrimonial Stakes
Behind the Scenes Our Own Flag The Road to Old Man's Town
Clancy of The Overflow Reconstruction - From a Farmer's Point of View * The Wind's Message

General Drought and General Rain

Santa Claus
In the Droving Days Song of the Future

* Please note that these poems are not always used in school performances due to time constrictions.


All of Banjo's poems can be found through the LINKS page or you can look at some SHORT-LISTED poems that almost made it into the show.

These are the SHORT- LISTED poems.

A Bunch of Roses On Kiley's Run The Old Australian Ways
A Motor Courtship Only a Jockey The Road to Hogan's Gap
Any Other Time Over the Range The Wreck of the Golfer
Been There Before Saltbush Bill There's another Blessed Horse fell Down
Black Swans Shearing at Castlereagh They met in the Hall
Fed Up Song of Wheat When Dacey rode the Mule
Frying Pan's Theology Sunrise on the Coast The Geebung Polo Club
I Joined a Contingent The Daylight is Dying The Hypnotist
It's Grand